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Gryf Direct - board books factory

Board book producer


We can offer you:


Safety & Lab Testing


Hand assembly


CD/DVD production


We produce children's books, luxury packaging, displays and other printed materials. To make sure you will get exactly what you need we provide you with dummy and tests service. 

At Gryf Direct, we operate our own logistics and international transportation services enabling us to provide you with a one-stop solution from concept through to delivery. 

We provide you with safety & Lab testing: flammability, phthalates, mechanical and physical properties. migration of certain elements , cadmium directive.


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We produce :

Board books

Padded books

Books with flaps


Shaped books


Books with toys


sound modules


Production on the highest level constitutes a machine park and the specialists operating the machines. At our company they are people with enormous knowledge and typography practice, who have been working in this branch for many years. Thanks to them and the machines, we produce the best in the best way.

We offer a full range of services across the printing and children’s book sector: from dummies to finished board books, padded and shaped books, leporello, books with puzzels, toys and sound module, and much more.. Just contact with us and we will try to find the best solution for your request in good price and great quality.

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