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Most publishing houses, both large and small, face similar risks and problems in their activities. These are usually problems connected to printing a small number of books, high costs of storage and distribution, returns, delayed inflow of receivables from the market.


Every printing house is glad to print medium and large editions.

The problem begins when you would like to print an edition of under 1000 books. Of course, there are plenty of good digital printers that’ll print even one paper book on demand. There are also self-publishing platforms helping to publish and sell books in paperback or hardcover, such as Amazon KDP.


However, when you need to produce a few hundred board books, then the problems start. The Chinese won’t come to your assistance. Besides, the transport costs would be very high.

European board book printers have a machine park aimed towards the production of larger editions. Small editions complicate the production process, more raw materials are needed to reset the production line, and the final product is expensive and often of low quality. On top of that, you have to wait for a gap in production.


And here we come to your assistance.

Don’t print to hold in stock!

Don’t create costly reserves, don’t allow books to deteriorate in the warehouse. Thanks to the use of digital printing, you can order exactly as many board books as you need to satisfy market demand. You maintain full cash flow and have as many board books as you need at a particular moment. And in case of need – we’ll quickly print more. 

For small, beginning publishers 
we offer:

  • digital printing of a small number of board books,

  • automatic estimates of simple board books,

  • assistance in designing board books – dedicated creator

  • unique possibility to personalize board books at request 

  • access to an automatic system checking the correctness of pdf files regarding typical errors that may appear in the customer's materials. The software generates detailed reports on mistakes, which are sent to the publisher.


For medium and large publishers, we also propose:

  • Assistance in managing the publisher's full offer in the board book sector, so that even titles published years ago could be still available. With our service your board book editions will never run out, and warehouses will not be overloaded with books of over-estimated editions. 

  • Each book has the chance to become a best-seller and achieve market success. However, it's worth trying first small edition as  trial e.g. for salespeople, for sales networks. This will allow you to evaluate readers' reactions and you will be able to make the right decision on the target edition. 

  • For selected publishing houses we implement a pilot system, unique on the board book market, of order distribution to receivers and safe cash flow. Cooperation with no financial risk. 

For more info contact:
Mariusz Rolka

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